Katy Kavanaugh:
With her company Catapult Productions, Katy develops and produces film and film exhibition projects which extend the potential for international peers to meet via the exchange of thoughtfully curated cinema. With Alessandro Maggioni, she has founded a “think tank” of multidisciplinary professionals focused on the development of innovative media for young audiences, known as Media and the Developing Mind. Katy studied Cognitive Development with Dr. Jelena Obradovic at Stanford University.

Alessandro Maggioni:
Visual designer, after years of work in the areas of design, architecture and communication, Alessandro is getting involved in children illustration, animation, and projects to connect the present technologies, habits, and cultural environments with traditional and handmade techniques.

Nadja Büttner:
As an alumni of the HPI School of Design Thinking, Nadja engages in the t(h)ink tank What Would Harry Do?, and is curious about projects of different flavors that (re-)focus on the user. Currently she is studying Innovation Management and Management Sciences at the University of Potsdam.

Michela Bellino:
is an italian architect, videomaker and impro-theater player.

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